What Some Women Do To Themselves For Beauty Would Be Considered Torture If Done By One Person To Another

 Jessica Ledwich is an Australian artist that just released an art series she named “The Ferocious – Monstrous Feminine.” In Jessica’s series she re-imagines traditional feminine beauty routines in a more grotesque way. This is her way of trying to make people question the increasing normalization of beauty treatments that where once seen as extreme.

“I personally think what is really disturbing now is the way that the expectation of a women to engage in beauty treatments, procedures and cosmetic surgery, is so ingrained in our culture that we don’t even think twice about it. These procedures are almost so mainstream now that you book them to fit between your grocery shopping and your laundry. There are a whole generation of young women who not only think it is normal to do this but that its desirable and worse, expected.”









All images by jessica ledwich.

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