What These Turtles Have Done Is Shocking To Say The Least…And No They Are Not Cute

Usually turtles are thought of as cute and non-violent these videos prove that may be otherwise. When it comes down to it they are wild animals. Be careful!


1) A Turtle attacks cat

In this youtube video the turtle doesn’t just defend himself but chases the cat around  going on the offensive


2)A Turtle attacks and kills a bird

In this video from Imgur the turtle actually attacks a bird and eats it.
Turtle Assassin
3)Turtle bites dogs balls

The dog in this video was nearly sitting on the turtle and looks like it kept licking the turtle in the the head. Apparently the turtle didn’t like that too much and decided to get revenge.


4)Avoid kissing snapping turtles

This Chinese man has a great fail when decided he loved his alligator snapping turtle and wanted to kiss it. He was hospitalized. Apparently he couldn’t get it to let go until he submerged himself and the turtle in water. Here’s a before and after of the damage

Alligator snapping turtle bites man's lip, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China - 06 Mar 2014

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