What This Group Does Redefines What Food Of The Future Will Look Like

Ever since the 3D printing industry started coming out with cost effective models the industry has exploded.  Its almost daily you hear or see some new incarnation coming out of a 3d printer pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

The sugar the lab has been using 3d technology specifically to create inventive new designs using sugar. They have creating amazing and complex new sugar cube designs by using additive technology.

They process starts with using CAD modeling that is currently widely used to in architecture and modeling cars. After they come up with a computer design the instructions are sent to the 3d printer that starts creating the design by putting layer upon layer using a mix of alcohol and water.

3dprintedsugar_08 3D_Print_Color_Sugar_Floral_Set 3D_Printed_Sugar_Cubes_Coffee 3D_Printed_Wedding_Cake 3dchef-3dprinted-sugar-cube 3dprintedsugar_00 3dprintedsugar_02 3dprintedsugar_03 3dprintedsugar_04 3dprintedsugar_05 3dprintedsugar_06 3dprintedsugar_07 Joshua_Harker_Skull_2


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