When Animals Swarm Its Like An Adorable Version Of The Walking Dead

Swarms of animals usually think are dangerous like when a swarm of sharks attacks you to give you a hug. These animal mobbing however are much cuter and cuddly

1. I think if i die this would be a good way to go

Kitten suffers horrific duckling attack - Imgur

2.If you’ve ever fed birds like ducks they will follow you everywhere
ducks on porch

3.If you can order your swarms of ducks around like this Russian man you could possibly take over the world. I guess you could say he has his ducks in a row.
Russian man orders ducks to attention, marches them into barn! - Imgur

4.The last goat”What you want some! Your next!”
Baby goats - Imgur(1)

5.How can you not love growing in trees
goats in trees

6.These are what is known as Mexican Pigeons
mexican pigeons
7.Here are 4 puppy swarms that will make you die of cuteness