When Pets Crave Attention What Do They Do? Interrupt Your Yoga Routine

Every pet owner knows that their pets crave attention from time to time. That’s normal.

Hell we even do funny things to get the attention of others as well. Kids engage in annoying behaviors to get our attention. Men and women do silly things to women to get the attention of the other sex.

With pets though if you aren’t lavishing attention on them consistently they will interrupt you during any activity. While typing on your keyboard, cooking or even while having sex. Many times they will just sit there and stare at you, sometimes they will lick your face or sometimes even jump on you.

These pet owners were in the middle of a yoga routine when their pets decided to interrupt it because they were craving attention.

Maybe there is some truth to the old joke “Dogs believe they human and cats believe they are gods”

The clip at around the 2:00 minute mark absolutely hilarious

Video from “5M videos

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