Who Said Pancakes Are Only Good For Eating??!!! 10 Amazing Productivity Hacks With Pancakes

Who says playing with your food is a a bad thing! Food can be useful for many things beyond just eating it. Here are 10 productivity hacks for using everyone favorite breakfast food …….pancakes.

1)Got a wobbly table? Throw some flapjacks under that thing
01 - Got a wobbly table Throw some flapjacks under that thing

2)Useful also as a pin cushion
02 - Pin cushion

3)Feet sore? Or is your shoe padding wearing out? Use some pancakes to cushion those weary soles of yours.
03 - Feet feeling a bit sore Pad your shoes with some tasty pancake inserts

4)Pancakes are the perfect size and shape for a mouse pad(cake).
04 - Mouse pad More like mouse pan

5)They are soo versatile you can use them to make you look cooler as well. Just fold and stuff in your jacket pocket to make a bold statement this season.
05 - Turn the flavor level up on your pocket square for a classy snacky fashion upgrade

6)You can turn your old cd holder into a snack holder
06 - Turn your old CD holder into a handy snack holder

7)Love the smell of pancakes. Now you can take it wherever you go. Just grab an old concert lanyard and stuff your pancake into it. You can even hang it on your rear view mirror
07 - Transform an old concert lanyard into a soothing pancake scented car freshener

8)Lose your power puff from your makeup kit? This just may be the most useful makeup accessory of the year. Definitely the coolest!!!
08 - Lose the powder puff from your compact case Easy solution pancake

9)Save money on skateboard knee-pads. Just tape them around your knees and your good to go!
09 - Stylish kneepads

10)Don’t have a pillow around but need to grab some shuteye? Just grab some pancakes. Organize like in the gif below and get transported to a world of dreams you never knew existed.
10 - How about a delicious fluffy pillow for all of your pancake dreamsUses

All images from steve699

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