Wish Fullfilled: Gravy Wrestling Is Now A Reality


In case you didn’t know it the world gravy championships just finished their annual competition at the Rose’N’Bowl pub at Stackstead Bacup, Lancashire, on Bank Holiday Monday.

Probably the craziest culinary contests known to man. In the word gravy championships the contestants must wrestle for 2 minutes in the gravy. Afterwards they are scored by the audience applause and on their quality of moves and the winner.

It reads on their website “Now in its 6th year contestants are now starting to take it seriously.” (SERIOUSLY!!! lol yeah right)They have male and female contestants. The winners eventually get the world gravy championship trophy for 1 year and get proceeds donated to charity of their choice.





All images are taken from Metro

If you are interested in joining next years you can find out more information here

And now a few gravy jokes because i just can’t resist

What did the Terminator say at dinner?- Hasta la bisto, gravyyy.

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