World’s Biggest PitBull Is Actually Still Growing


Meet Hulk, he is the world’s largest pit-bull in the currently coming in at 174 lbs. In fact he is only 18 months old and still growing since he is just a puppy.
Every day his owner feeds him a huge diet including supplements and 4lbs of ground beef
The owners of Hulk, Lisa and her husband, Marlon Grannan are actually the co-owners of a family run kennel in New Hampshire. At their kennel they breed Pit-Bull Terriers to be used for protection.

In one of the pictures you can see their son 5 year old playing with the PitBull. They trust the dog to be alone with their son and feel that PitBull’s in general have gotten an unjustified bad rap. They say that the media has only highlighted PitBull attacks while neglecting to mention other dog attacks and that really they are loving and trustworthy animals.

What do you think? Would You leave your kid alone with one?