You Could Say These Guys Are A Little Bit Husky

Huskies area a rare breed of energetic silliness, quirky personality traits and cuteness. After reading this list I dare you not to want one of your own. If you have one you’ll want another.

Its like this guy is saying” What are you gonna do about it?!”

This husky decided to crash a bathroom stall

Whenever I watch this I want this to be me
This is one happy husky - Imgur

You can look forward to surprise butt massages
Doctor Husky, we're losing the patient! - Imgur

Imagine if that was the last face you ever saw before you died

Black swan?
black swan

Caution: Throwing cheese at a husky will result in this emotion

So maybe you are thinking of getting a husky after watching this. Just remember that your furniture will be reduced to this in a few months.