You Won’t Believe What This Employee Has Found In The Cars His Company Rents Out

We’ve all wanted a job that’s interesting. An employee Fem shepard started working at OP DELIVERS a car rental company 2 months ago and these are some of the weird things he has found to date.

1) Porn on an Ipad

In a dodge caravan a 16 gb IPAD filled with 8 gbs of pornography and 5 gb of children’s cartoons and video games. This was  rented out to a single Dad taking his kids on vacation. When the dad was called he  refused to claim it stating they were mistaken it was never his.










2)Expensive Items

Camping gear including  a northface jacket, a pair or Boreal climbing shoes and a very nice backpack. A bag with womens shoes in it. Expensive wooden wedges including vans, sperry’s and other designer shoes, black platform heels. Video game s galore including a 3DS with various games

camping shoes expensive shoes










3)Bachelor Party Leftover’s

In a passenger van rental to a bachelor party what was found a vibrator with a 2karrot engagement ring wedged onto it.  And of course there were also used condoms and half empty bottles of crown royal.





















A vehicle drop off a vehicle from out of state guy who spoke very little English which turned out he didn’t even rent the vehicle from our company but from a competitor. Upon cleaning a gallon ziplock bag was discovered in the wheel well. It was reported to the police not smoked

















5)S+M Toys

Inside a suitcase full of whips, Ball gags, cuffs, a black leather face mask and leather thong was discovered. Later a business man came in for them and never once looked me in the eyes while claiming them.

smu box












6)Lots of Cash and Blood

A paper bag with 40k in it was discovered along with copious amounts of dried blood all over the vehicle from floor to roof . To make it even more crazy  all of it looked like it had been hit with an attempt at bleaching out the blood. Later as the employee was making a phone call to call the cops the renter comes back to the store and asks “ey man find anything in the car?” i say no i was about to send it to the airport because its listed as needing maintenance in our system. The renter  walks to the passenger seat says he forgot something takes the paper bag and quickly walks away. I sat on that car for a full hour scared shitless about being targeted if i reported it. Later it was discovered the blood was from a deer that the guy had come upon that had been hit by another car. Texas has a thing where if you hit a deer you cant touch the corpse but the next person to find it can take the head and horns turns out he threw a decapitated deer in the trunk. The Money it turns out was from his weekend out in New Orleans Gambling.


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